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Installous 3.3.3

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Installous 3.3.3

Post by TaZy on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:45 am

Installous 3.3.3

Installous of DocMorelli, is getting an update, 3.3.3, and it is more interesting, because it will allow you to send it to another iPhone over WiFi, an application downloaded via Installous, to do this you must go into the settings and activate Installous "Enable LocalSharing. Reminder, Installous is a third party application available for free on Cydia via the repo and to download applications from the appstore pirated.

* In Cydia, add this URL Repo:

* Also install 4.0 or 3.0 Appsync Cydia (depending on your firmware)
* In the application settings (Settings), I advise you not to activate Automatically Delete.
* Recommended strongly: You can get by with a program like SSH iFunBox, and downloaded your APIs and import them into iTunes, if the interests of sync with the option installous via iTunes sync.

Email v3.3.3-ipa files via Wifi on another iDevice.

* The application must be installed on installous 2 iDevice for a transfer of IPA.

* Activate the application settings: Enable LocalSharing.


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